MTN Unlimited Whatsapp Plan At N60 Per Month

mtn unlimited whatsapp plan

In the last few weeks, it's no doubt that MTN Nigeria has been unleashing a lot of surprises especially for smartphone users. Here on this blog, we have often been bringing them to the notice of its readers. The most recent was the 6000 free minutes … [Continue reading]

Etisalat PayG Plan – Alternative To Etisalat Magic Sim + New Trick

new activation trick for Etisalat PayG Plan

Hello everyone and welcome to another interesting tutorial that aids heavy downloaders on the etisalat network. It's the Pay as you Go plan popularly known as PayG and considering how it works, it wouldn't be bad to term this method as an alternative … [Continue reading]

Cheapest Glo Data Plan For Android, iOS and Computer – Get 2.5GB Data For 2000 Naira

get 2.5GB for 2000 naira on glo

For some time now, I have continually been receiving calls and mails from readers of this blog requesting that I proffer the cheapest glo data plan they can use on their android phone and computer. In other to aid those who are in search of the … [Continue reading]

MTN Free 6000 Mins and 100 Mins Bonus To Call Your Partner – Read this

mtn unlimited whatsapp plan

Since early yesterday, I had got a memo on the free MTN 6000 minutes given to every mtn sim in other to call a partner but I choose not to write about it because there was no prove it works. Throughout yesterday and this morning, I have continually … [Continue reading]

Temple Run 2 App Update – Play Game Using Santa Claus This Christmas Season

Download Temple run 2 app update

I am usually not a fan of playing games but I just got to admit that the Temple Run 2 game sorta makes me enjoy gaming. Like I said, I am not a fan of playing games and based on ideas so far, I would say this is the best run game for android devices. … [Continue reading]

Get 30Mins Free Talktime For Calls To All Networks From MTN Daily

mtn unlimited whatsapp plan

It's still the MBER season and it feels awesome seeing a lot of competition from different telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Few days ago, we disclosed the latest promo from glo called 'Glo Overload or Allawee' as you get over 200%┬ábonus on … [Continue reading]

How To Hide Files (Gallery, Whatsapp Pictures, Video ETC) On Android Without Using App

hiding files on android device

When it comes to hiding gallery files, whatsapp pictures and files, bluetooth files, videos etc on an android device, there are loads of apps on the play store to install in achieving this. But why install an app for a functionality you can achieve … [Continue reading]

Download Xender : Transfer Files Between Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad

sending and receiving files using Xender app

Back to the subject on sending and receiving files on smart devices as Blackberry, android phones, iPhone and iPad, I'd like to introduce you to Xender. Xender app isn't new. Its been in existence for a long time now but am pretty sure most people … [Continue reading]

Glo Overload Promo : Get 200% Bonus On Recharges And Data Subscription

glo overload promo on recharge and data

The year is gradually coming to an end and it's pretty nice to see that a lot of offers are been brought to limelight as glo launches the Overload promo which gives you 200% bonus on recharge and data subscription. Just before you go wondering … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Spotted On Antutu With 20MP Camera, 3GB RAM, 5.5 QHD Screen Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 specs

The trend on the Samsung S series seems not to be anywhere close to its end as the Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications were spotted on Antutu Benchmark site. As you probably know, antutu benchmark app allows you gain more insight regarding your … [Continue reading]