How To configure Nokia Phones For browsingThe Internet

Its has been an issue that mose newbies that understand how to configure there Nokia Phone to browse the internet.. Well, am sure this simple steps will teach you how to Configure your Nokia Phones.. Now Lets begin!


First, from your main background, go to MENU, then Settings > Configuration > Personal Configuration > then fill in the informations one by one as contained HERE and then Activate.


From the Main screen, Go to MENU, then Settings > Configuration > Access Point > Create New Access Point ==> Then in the informations one by one as contained HERE
After creating it, go to your Web Browser and Activate the Access point created as Default.

Steps To Follow To configure OPERA & OTHER BROWSERS FOR JAVA S40

In other to browse on s40 phones with opera, bolt, ucweb and others, its adviced that you create a prov file..

Click Here to get detailed information on how to create and activate prov. Files

How To configure Opera and Other browsers For SYMBIAN S60

From the main background, Go to MENU, Settings > Configuration > Access Point > Create New Access Point > Fill in the IP, PORT, APN and Username/Password given to use on this blog.
When you open the Application and Ask to connect, choose the Access Point created with the Cheat for the Application.
With this Steps you can Create a New Profile or Edit existing ones or create a New Settings for your Application with the Cheat given to you

Please NOTE: The info. Given here are not for free browsing but for default network configuration.

For Free browsing cheats, Please click here

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