How To Get Your Phone Hacked in Two(2) Minutes

First, lets consider why hacking a mobile phone is necessary…

Hacking a mobile phone gives room for unsigned applications, games to be installed on the phone, it also allows ur phone to perform some certain functions it couldnt perform earlier….


download quick hack kit from , First format your phone using *, 3, green button, for info. On formatting, please click Here

When installing, you get this message ‘binpda security manager, don’t untick it..

Install server 9.2, 9.3, list of devices are N73, N80, N81-8g, don’t untick it, choose between the remain server, leave everything, continue installing..

affer installing, you will get secman, open the secman, your phone hangs a little bit, after sometime a message ‘restart your phone’ pops up, click ok, and your phone will automatically restart..

ater that, re-open your secman, locate ‘install root certificate, then click install root certificate.. Your phone is now hacked..

congratulation, you can now install any application..

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  • I have long wanting to hack my window phone lumia 535 but no luck this tutorial is too short for me to be able to do it alone

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