how to send jar files on phone

Have you ever wished you could be able to send jar files?

The first question is, what are jar files

Jar files are files that have .jar as their extension.. Example of such are: games, applications, softwares, etc

Now, have you ever wished you could help a friend out with a game or application as opera, bolt, ucweb or others simply because the friend couldn’t download it into his/her phone due to low credit account or chance, or have you ever wish you could send a game to your other phone and just couldn’t?

Now say thank God because now there is a way

Now, follow these simple steps and am sure you get to say thank you

First, download an application called send my jar from by typing the name in…

Secondly, download the application you wish to send in zip format or any format from any download and upload site.. For a list of sites you can download applications and games from Click Here

When done with that, enter into your games and locate the application you downloaded(send my jar)

Open it and locate the file you want to send in either zip format or otherwise, don’t forget to turn on the bluetooth on the phone you want to send the application to……

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