2go Messenger, Download and Install

Now, am quite sure almost everybody knows what this means, for those who still or havn’t got the greep:

2go is the latest messenger in voke, what this actually means is
for quite sometime now, there’s been a couple of messengers or rather chatting applications like mig33, skype, nimbuzz and so on but the best sofar has been the 2go messenger.

Now, quite a number of people still do not get what this actually means but they might have one way or the other heard a name as such.

Features Of The 2go Messenger:

2go allows you to:

1. Easily share pictures – with 2go, sharing pictures with friends has been lots earlier, just have the pics. On your phone or device and you are good to go.

2. Sharing files – some 2go Users do believe that 2go can only be using in sharing pictures only but the truth is 2go can share other files like amr, soundtracks etc, you could just have a recording you want to pass on and with the help of 2go it can be achieved.

3. Status Update – Unlike facebook, when you change your status on 2go all your friends gets a notification of this, which makes sharing much easlier

4. Hook up with New and Existing Friends – Out of other benefits of 2go, this is the main reason people choose to be on the platform, almost everybody just want to make new friends and lots of peeps are on 2go.. Well, isn’t that gonna be fun?

Where To Download 2go:

To Download this application, simply goto wap.2go.co.za

then sign up as a new user, fill in the required details by simply following the instruction

Your phone or device will be automatically detected and the version that suits your device will be recommended for you to download

Download to your phone, exit your browser and locate the application

Now lauch it and you are good to go.

One more thing, If you are a pc user you can actually enjoy this application on your computer, Please Read 2go on Pc, How to install to know how.

Hope this helps?

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