How to Hide Files On Your Phone

Yes, privacy is one thing i love most when it comes to some certain things relating to my phone, been the type that loves making friends.

Some friends could just come up, pick your phone and start accessing your files, what if you’ve got files you never wanted anyone to see, knowing fully well that it would be rude to tell him / her if you tell them not to operate your phone, some could simply just put “the guy is so greedy with his phone” and so to prevent this talks, you need to abide with their requests.

Hey! There’s a solution to this.. You could simply hide some files or all the files in your phone and nobody will see them..

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The good thing about this is only you or whoever you told your password can access the files in your phone
Please don’t get me wrong, i don’t actually mean passwording your phone or anything relating to that.. It only means protecting your privacy with a secured application called ‘file hide’

File hide:

– is an application that allows you to hide files in your phone

– allows you to create your own password for the application, thereby giving your full privacy

– allows you to also show files back anytime you want

– is only a 15kb file, who means you don’t have to be using a high memory phone..


first, go to and search for the file “FILEHIND”

after downloading, you will be asked to enter your password for the first time (this should be something you can easily remember)

after that, choose the folder where the file is located and choose to hide

if you want to open anytime, follow the same routine and choose ok to show.. asap so simply right?

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