How To create Group On Facebook

Facebook is a famous social site as we all know and interesting groups are created by its members almost everyday.
Do you wish to create a group on facebook for reasons best known to you but don’t know how? Then read On:

In my previous post, i wrote on importance and how to create your facebook username and from today onwards, creating a facebook group will be so easy.

How To create a Group On Facebook

First, its always advisable to have a positive plan or intention for creating a group before thinking of creating one.

and don’t just create one, also work hard to achieve the set goals of the group.

To create one, make sure you’re on a group, thats the simplest way to create yours.

– When signed in to your account using your facebook username

– From the homepage page, look at the left side of the page their you will see names of groups you joined.. Look closely below them you will see create group.

– click and follow the instructions..

cheers! You now have a group of yours.

Hope this helps?

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