Hurray!!! NOW

Hurray!!! This is to inform our esteemed readers that now has its own .com domain as this will help easy accessibility.

How? You make ask…

Well, i will explain

The Reason Why I bought A .COM Domain

This blog site use to be on a blogspot domain i.e but now registered in its own domain i.e, the reason for this is to enable easy accessibility to the site.

Deep down inside of me i felt for readers who find it difficult coming to the site again and again simply because the address was kinda difficult to remember than i set out to buying a .com domain at least with this development, coming to the site shouldn’t be difficult and wooow! Have finally done that.. You can simply visit this site by just inputing on the address bar of your browser and zoooom you are here! Isn’t that better? Sure it is.

Now you can simply invite your friends, loved ones, family and even foes to this site by simply telling them to goto

Please NOTE: If you also own a blog and you are still using the free domain, i strongly recommend you purchase a .com domain.

Don’t know how?

Well, i can help you buy and set up your blogspot blog to .com for a token, if interested you can contact me via the contact page HERE. The earlier the better!

Simply BOOKMARK on your browser – so that you don’t miss out of the latest infos that will be updated here.


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