Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Solution and Verification Now Made Easy

Recently i updated you with my personal experience on how my facebook account was locked and i restored it with the help of my mobile device.

Now, it seems to me that solution to restoring or unlocking a locked facebook account differs but based on accounts i have helped in opening, the solutions were quite easy. Ok, let me aid or help you in unblocking your fb account using this simple methods


When signed into your locked account, the first message you see is:

facebook account security lock

If you are unable to properly view the writtings in the above image it is stated thus:

Your Account is temporarily locked

Someone recently tried to log into your account from an unrecognized device or location. Please verify if it was you who tried to log in.

Now below that writting, click on Continue.

You are directed to a facebook security alert check where you are required to type into a box a code that will be supplied to you. Type in the code correctly and click continue.

After that you will be asked to review recent activity on your account that lead to its locking, here is an example of what it looks like

facebook account locked recovery solution

All you need do is to click This is Okay to save yourself from other questions and if you think someone else really tried accessing your account, simply change your password after your account has been restored.

Please Note: This worked for accounts i unlocked using my mobile device, you might want to stick to that too to make the verification process easier. Also, some accounts recovery systems are based on you been asked the date of birth you used on your facebook profile.

Do you want to know possible reasons why your account is been locked? You can check out my post on facebook account locked, causes and how to prevent this, that could help you know.

Need any more help or solution pertaining to your facebook account? Kindly Post A Comment.


  1. Anonymous says:

    pls i want 2 know if there's anyway one can know online frienz on faceboook using operamini on fone

  2. If you friends are surfing facebook using operamini they won't appear online unless they are using facebook chat messenger, ebuddy, nimbuzz or other mobile applications that support facebook chat

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi can u plz help me my facebook account is been temporarily locked.. N they are asking me for secret answer…. where my mother was born i never put any secret answer what should i do plz help :(

  4. Am sure you were given other verification option to choose from, try choosing a more simplier one but am quite sure you or someone must have fixed a secret answer

  5. my fb a/c got hacked nd then i finally recovered it bt now when i log in it asked me to enter a new password nd when i resetted my password then it asked me to choose email. Or phone that i would like to choose to log in bt how to choose because there is no option menu pls help me its urgent to fa a/c

  6. alapasa bolanle Kuforiji says:

    my facebook account is temporary locked. please help me out I am doing all the
    verifications but it still does not work

  7. my yahoo account is temporarily locked when i sign in in mobile…how to unlock it using mobile

    • Try accessing the desktop version of the yahoo website on mobile by visiting login.yahoo.com and follow the onscreen instruction.

  8. DEAR SIR,

  9. it says time limit exceeded

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