October / November MTN Free Browsing Cheats On Opera4.2,5 and 6, ucweb 7.6

Recently i updated you with the latest mtn free browsing cheats for september,october 2011 through that was for last month and i think some of the cheats were blocked. Now am updating you with the latest free browsing cheats for october, november 2011.

MTN Free Browsing Cheats On Operamini 4.2, 5 and operamini 6

In your opera http custom server insect:

socket server: socket://

host: wap.mtnonlineplay.com


In ur opera http server, input:


socket: socket://

host: www.mtnonline.com

Note:The above free browsing cheats surfs and downloads wella!

UCWEB 6, 7.6 etc

In your ucweb frontquery input:


NOTE:These cheats downloads and works well for Nokia Phones.

In my subsequent posts, i will be updating you with etisalat free browsing cheats for October, november 2011, dont miss it!

If after trying this cheats and they dont work on your nokia phone, then i strongly suggest you read my post on possible reasons why you are not browsing free, that might just come in handy you know.

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