My November 2011 MTN Free Browsing Cheat On BoltBrowser, Confirmed And Working.

Recently i updated you with my working mtn free browsing cheat for opera4.2, 5, 5.2 and others for the month of November using mtn, but whatabout boltbrowser, ucweb and others?

Well, i now have a confirmed boltbrowser free browsing cheat, ucweb browser is still on beta lol i.e yet to test that out, but the question is, Would you be interested in the free browsing cheat for ucweb browser? Because it seems more people use operamini and some cases bolt browser, but ucweb? Not very sure if its widely used. Well if you would want me to post that after testing it then post a comment below this post to let me know and see your interest.

Lets get down to business.

November Free Browsing Cheat For Bolt Browser Using MTN

The cheat i will be posting below is what am currently using on my s40 phone, nokia 6233 to be preseized and it works well and thats the more reason i want to share it with you my esteemed reader. I confirmed it on cast bolt 2.10, and am yet to try it on bolt new versions like bolt 2.11, 2.50, 2.52 but if you try it on these versions and it works for you it would be a pleasure if you share your experience using the comment box below this post.

mtn on bolt browser

The trick i used here is that i used thesame settings and code with that of November MTN free browsing cheat on opera i.e


port: 8080

APN or Access Point:

username and password: web

Now In Your Cast or handler Boltbrowser:

http server :



thats it!

PLEASE NOTE: S40 Phone( JAVA ) Users should use an MTN PROV FILE with the above Cheat but s60( symbian) Phone Users can use MTN Default settings and please make sure to have minimum N1 credit balance on your MTN SIM before testing the cheat.

Notice: Do you know that viewing using boltbrowser on Destkop view if using mobile phone is more fun? Yes it is and thereby allowing you view other interesting post and tutorials. So why not use this opportunity to always access this site using bolt with the above free browsing cheat if you are on mobile.


Kindly share this with your friends using the share options below if this cheat works for you to help your friends who are in need.

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