Tecno-Mobile.com : Official Tecno Phones Website For Apps, Games Downloads

A couple of times I have always stumbled on people asking ‘what is the official website of tecno phones for downloading apps, games and more‘? and in most cases, no one would have an answer to this question and this has prompt me to bring up this post.

Based on my reviews with the release of new tecno android phones, I realized that new tecno android phones comes with an app outside the Google play store which serves as the official app store for tecno phones.

Still do not understand? If you have been an android phone user for a long time now then you probably should have known that the Google Play Store is the official download centre for android phones and beside this app, tecno android phones comes with another app which serves as the official tecno android downloads centre just like Blackberry World is the download centre for blackberry phones and itunes is the download centre for iPhones.

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Hence, I really do not know if the tecno phones website is of essence when wanting to downloads apps but for the benefit of those who still want to know, I am more than happy to disclose it.

Tecno Phones Official Website

The official website for tecno phones is www.tecno-mobile.com/, you can reach the tecno phones download portal directly here.

Let me also add that, new tecno android phones comes pre installed with apps needed for day to day activities like operamini, whatsapp etc.

Hope this information helps in aiding you with the official tecno phones download website?

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  • Yes boss. That’s it. But the preinstalled whatsapp does not work. It always complains that t is outdated and the user has to download a new one. I am currently working on a new tecno D5 and it comes wit ‘1mobile market’ besides the google play; I don’t know if that is what you are reffering to.
    Number of tecno phones in my office is now 4 and more will come.
    I am now winning the war on campaign of tecno as a big phone (thanks to the etisalat-droidvpn cheat gven to me by guru samuel)

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