Whatsapp Showing Blue Doubled Marks For Read Messages

Now, I totally do not understand what’s going on with whatsapp based on the last few hours. I was having a chat with a friend on whatsapp as usual and noticed the doubled mark symbols appearing in blue color. I was quite skeptical and wondered if a new development had occurred without me updating the app. I did a research and realized it wasn’t just me (Thank God am safe lol).

Now the gist is, whatsapp seem to be introducing blue marked symbols as their means of showing a message been read. To me, that seem cool. Kinda differs delivered messages from read messages.

Whatsapp showing blue for read messages

Ordinarily, if you send a message on whatsapp, it shows a single marked symbol. When it’s delivered, it shows doubled. That’s how it’s been since inception but now, you’d get the blue double marked symbol when the message is read.

Now, that seem very cool to me. If my instincts are correct, that’s in beta stage. It doesn’t work with all contacts yet. Hence, if you rush down to launching your whatsapp application to check your most recent conversation with someone and didn’t see the blue mark, your phone doesn’t have any spiritual or mental issues and that contact is genuine lol. Don’t worry, chill and we will watch what whatsapp is unfolding with this development.

TechsNG will keep you posted on the matter arising hence you are advised to please stay tuned *winks.

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