MTN Better Me : Best Plan For iPhone, iPad and Android Phone

In Nigeria, getting an iPhone, iPad or an android device without proper consideration on the best data plan to use on those devices is like going to war with shields but without a sword.

For blackberry users, that’s more like a closed case because blackberry plans has the cheapest data and cost compared to other devices (In Nigeria). For Android users basically MTK android users, if you are not rocking glo bis on your Android phone, you are on a long thing. Glo Bis is still the cheapest data plan for Android phones. With just N1000, you get 3GB of data. You can even subscribe up to four times in a month i.e 12GB for just N4000. Cool right?

Please note, by MTK android phones, I mean android phones like infinix, Tecno, innjoo and the likes. If using Samsung, HTC, Sony and the likes, and you are using MTN, the best data plan is the MTN BetterMe plan.

MTN betterme plan for iPhone, ipad and android

The MTN Better Me bundle was introduced this year been 2015 and we had talked on that on this blog. Earlier before this plan was introduced, buying from third party sellers was highly advised as they were cheaper than buying directly from the telecommunication companies. Legit ones precisely but since the introduction of this plan, I don’t see the need buying from third party sellers.

MTN BetterMe Plan For iPhone, iPad and Android

The MTN BetterMe plan gives you 2015 which is equivalent to 2GB for N2015 (two thousand, fifteen Naira). That’s like N1 for 1MB.

The plan works for iPhone devices, iPad devices, android and computer. If using a blackberry device, I would recommend glo bis.

Don’t forget that Etisalat also offers 2GB for N2000. However, that’s still in beta stage and isn’t available to all subscribers yet.

How To Activate The MTN Better Me Plan

Make sure you have a minimum of N2015 on your MTN SIM, dial *123*4*3*1# and you should get notified of the newly activated plan.

You can rock that on your iOS and Android phones if using MTN Network. Any questions? Let’s discuss it using the comment session.

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