Congrats! Google is 17! What’s Your Funniest Google Search?

Today the 27th of September, Google celebrates its 17th birthday. As expected, Google is celebrating the day with a Doogle on its search engine page which you can find on the search engine homepage.

googles celebrates 17th birthday

The doogle above shows when Google first started and that was in the 90s (precisely 1998). Over the years, the brand has evolved as the giant of the internet as billions of searches are being done via the search engine daily.

Interestingly, Google seem a bit confused in regards the specific date it came into existence. In 2003, the company declared September 8th as its birthday while in 2004, September 7th was said to be the date. In 2005, it was the 26th of September. We can only hope the data doesn’t change anytime soon.

 funnyiest google searches

Now, how about we have a bit of fun and laughter? Let’s hear what your funniest聽Google search was or will be via comments.聽Let’s get started.

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