Skype Gets Update To Support Multitasking On Apple’s iOS 9

When iOS 9 was officially launched few days back, one of the most prominent feature introduced on the iPad platform is the multitasking thing.

If you’ve watched a video which gave a hand-on review of the multitasking thing on iPad running iOS 9, you should get a clear idea of what we are making reference to here.

Skype 6.3 brings iOS 9 compatibility
By multitasking, we ain’t originally making reference to when you double click the home button. Although how that renders has been changed too, we are actually making reference to the split screen feature.

Apple introduced a new multitasking feature on the iOS 9 which enables you run two apps at same time. Unfortunately, this isn’t applicable on iPhones neither is it available on older iPad devices. It works on basically the latest iPad Pro as well as the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4.

In favour of the new split screen multitasking feature, Microsoft has updated its Skype app on iOS platform. Following the new update, Skype users no longer have to leave the app when they have something else to do on the supported iPad devices.

By swiping from the right of the iPad screen, you can interact with the Skype app and swipe it away when you are done. Split view option simply allows you run two apps at the same time on the same screen with a ratio of either 50:50 or 66:30.

A new update has also been introduced which allows you reply Skype messages without having to open the app. You can simply Skype notifications even on the lock screen without having to open the app and that’s applicable on both the iPhone and iPad devices. More so, you can start chats with Skype contacts directly from spotlight search.

If you currently have Skype downloaded on your iPhone device or iPad device, just launch the App store and choose to update the app to get all of these new features.

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