Inbox is getting better with the Smart Reply feature introduced by Google

Google sure knows what’s sup. The company is no doubt, very innovative with their products. This week, Google will be rolling out the smart reply feature for it’s mobile email app inbox.

What the smart reply feature entails is that, it reads the content of an incoming email and proffer three recommended quick replies at the bottom of the screen of which you can choose from. See it more like saving you the time of having to type short email responses.

Google inbox smart reply feature
However, if the three recommended replies isn’t what you intend sending, you can choose to input your own email response. The more you use the inbox, the better the smart reply feature will adapt to your kinda messages and recommend replies that could suit your taste.

The new feature is actually intended in making replies more easy to send without going through the hustle of typing even short email replies especially when busy with other things. The update should be rolled over within the week to android and iOS users.

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