Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) Now Has An Android App

Based on the fact that technology is advancing and in terms of mobile devices, mobile applications are making the waves.

Apps are no doubt, one of the quickest ways to make sure users, fans and followers can easily follow up on updates in regards what the organization / service offers.

Just as a few other religious organization, the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries have launched it’s own mobile app which is currently available on basically android platform.

Mountain of fire ministries

Features of the app includes;

– Ability to get Lists of Testimony provoking MFM Prayer Points.
– Send Prayer Request to the MFM Prayer Team
– Get to Know about MFM Ministries
– Connect to MFM Services/Programs Live
– Get list of MFM contacts
– Get to know about History and the Administration of MFM and many more.

Mountain of fire and miracles ministries app

Thanks to Mobility Arena for the heads up. Although it’s not quite clear as to whether or not the app is actually newly created or has been in existence for a while, however, the app was last updated on the 31st of January, 2016 and currently hasn’t exceeded the 5000 download mark. For those interested in having the MFM app on their android device, you can download from the android play store app or you can use the download link here.

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  • hello my name is victor i just thought i shoul asked if ur d one who built the mfm app for android a reply would b appreciated and also sorry for my short codes.

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