Swift 4G LTE is joining the trend by offering 200% Extra Data to subscribers

If you are using globacom and you’ve got good reception in your neighborhood, am sure you are flexing the new cheap plans and probably have no business with this post.

If otherwise and you use Swift 4G LTE network, thank your stars as Swift is offering 200% extra data on every data subscription.

Swift 4G LTE 200% data plan2

With the new Swift 4G LTE offer, subscribers can get up to 65GB for just N16,000. Now, isn’t that cooooool?

Swift 4G LTE 200% data plan

This isn’t a hoax as the image above should prove this is actually official. With the new offer which is currently a promo, subscribers can get:

How To Get On The Boat?

Simply renew your Swift 4G LTE subscription with your preferred plan and you should automatically be given the 200% extra data.

Please note that this offer is only valid till the 31st of August, 2016.

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