Fidelity bank introduces ‘visa naira card’

Fidelity Bank, has introduced into the Nigerian market the Visa Debit Card which enables holders to conduct trans-border transactions from naira denominated accounts to any other currency without going through the protocols of foreign exchange acquisition. Emma Esinnah, group head, marketing communications of Fidelity Bank, said at the commissioning that the product ‘Fidelity Visa Debit Naira Card’ would prove particularly valuable to Nigerians challenged with making payments abroad, due to restrictions on basic travel allowance. Esinnah described the card as an all-in-one transaction solution that frees the card-holder from all barriers imposed by geography and the difficulties of converting from naira to the currencies of over 200 countries across the world where Visa card is in use. “In simple terms, a Fidelity Visa Debit card holder who finds himself in the UK or US can easily make cash withdrawals with his card from any Visa ATM card which would convert his naira to the currency of the country in question. Point of Sale (PoS) payments and online transactions can all be effectively conducted with this interesting Fidelity Visa Debit card. “The Fidelity Visa Debit card is firmly secured by the Europay Mastercard and Visa (EMV) which is globally reputed for its efficiency in card payment solutions. “Apart from offering the card-holders easy access to their naira account from any part of the world, the Fidelity Visa Debit card makes it possible for the card- holder to check his account balance and carry out other businesses that can be done on a normal ATM. The card comes in four different categories – standard, gold, platinum and black”. Esinnah explained that with the card, no Fidelity Visa card holder can be stranded in a foreign land. “What Fidelity Visa Card means is that, so far as you have money (Naira) in your account and you need to pay for anything in any part of the world, you will never be stranded. This is a product that the market has been really yearning for. At the moment, only one other bank in Nigeria has something like that, but on Mastercard platform. We are the only bank in Nigeria now that has this offering with the world-renowned Visa Card”, he said.

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