Free Info. On How To Make MoneyTo Your Paypal Account

The ideas I will lay
down here are very
simple that you may
overlook them but they
are BOMB when it
comes to making
serious income online
directly to your PayPal
These ideas are out-of-
the-box ideas. They are
something you may
have never thought
about before. I want
you to sit down, relax
and join me on the ride
to making money into
your PayPal account
Now, let me ask you a
question. Have you
heard of
I bet many of you have
not while few Gurus
have? Ok, if you have or
have not seen that site
before, I would like you
to rush there now and
come back. Just click on and come
back to read the ideas I
will show you here.
Now, let me do some
explanation here. is a
freelance website or
online portal where all
jobs are 5 bucks or $5.
As you have already
gone there, all the jobs
you saw on that
websites are $5 each.
No addition, no
subtraction. And on
Fiverr, all jobs or offers
are called Gigs.
Anyway, I don’t have
to start speaking in
tongues here…. lol. What
you need right now is
how to make money
into your PayPal
account… Shikena!
Let’s Make The
1. Go to and
click on Join button to
sign-up. It ’s free.
2. After all the
necessary email
confirmation, do login to
see things for yourself.
Now, we are about to
make money and we
are going to be real
3. When you get to, click on
Popularity after Filter
gigs by and you will
notice something. The
most popular gigs on
Fiverr are things that
generate traffic for
They are social
bookmarking, FaceBook
fan page traffic,
twitter adverts, linking
building and other
stuffs. These are the
most popular gigs on
What does it mean?
It means you can
make money real
fast there.
But, you may be asking
yourself, how? I know
that is what is going on
your mind now and I
need to address it head
Let me show you right
Money Idea 1: Go to and
click on Marketplace.
Search for a good back-
linking software with
high gravity and
purchase it.
Read everything the
programmer said.
Watch the video tutorial
if there is any. Use it
yourself and master
how it works, then
come to and
sell your service for 5
You can also buy a
software called
Socialbot. It’s used for
social bookmarking and
back-link traffic. Learn
how to use it. Use it.
Master it and head to
If you are good, you can
be getting 100 or more
buyers per month.
Money Idea 2: Open a
FaceBook account and
create a Fan page or
Group. Then, get like
10,000 – 100,000
fans or members and
head to to
make some 5 bucks.
I know you are asking
how to get 100,000
fans? Yeah, I know!
Let me show you how.
This is an investment
and you will reap the
reward soon. Just
create an appealing Fan
page, make it
interactive and lively by
posting some
interesting things there
and head straight to
With $50, you can buy
as much as 10,000
fans made up of real
human beings. If you
want like 40,000 fans,
just pay them $175
and you are done.
Now, go to
and create your own
gig. If you perform jobs
well, you will
sometimes remove
your gig because of so
many orders in the
queue. That is how it
happens when you are
good on
How To Make More
Money With Your
Services on
When you get jobs, do
them fast. After
fulfilling orders, write
your buyer and ask him/
her to give you a
positive feedback.
Promise him/her
another free job if he/
she gives you a positive
When he/she does it,
fulfill your promise. With
more positive feedback
you are getting, more
jobs will be coming.
Also, when you are
getting consistent jobs
and satisfaction from
clients, write them and
ask if they will employ
your service for a
monthly payment.
If 10 people agreed to
be using your link
building services where
you charge like $77 per
month, it will translate
to $770 per month.
Remember, you are still
selling gigs on
Maybe as a starter, you
will be earning like
$1,000 per month into
your PayPal account and
you can grow it to
$3000 monthly.
Hope you get the idea
now? Yeah, to make
money online,
sometimes, you think
out of the box.
That is exactly what
we did now.

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