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I remember back then, if i want to get a certain detail about my phone or want to know the features or what my phone is capable of, i will need to look for the phone’s manual or carry out experiment on the phone which could be dangerous..

Am happy i dont need to do that anymore.

Have you experienced such? Or probably you’ve lost or cant find your phone’s manual and you seriously want to know if your phone has got a particular function, what are you going to do?

Well, there’s a site that gives you every details of what your phone has, i mean features like camera, radio, bluetooth, 3G, edge, etc

The site even tells you if your device or phone can play mp3, mp4, 3gp and others.. Isn’t it awesome?

This has been my checking point, i could just pick up my friend’s phone and visit the site just to get details of his phone, details he might not know..

Some phones are 3G enabled but their users might not know simply because the sim or network he/she uses does not have 3G network or not in a 3G network zone..

Ok, lets get to the main point.. Get every details of your phone by visiting HERE

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