How To Create Your Own IWP Server

If you want to know what iwp is, please do read the post (Where To Download Indian Web Proxy(IWP)
First download a file from this link
Now To the real deal
Go to and create
a new email address…
After creation of your email
address with go
to any good proxy site like
concealme. com or s-proxy.
com and enter x10hosting .
com on the space created for
adresses…On the x10hosting
site locate Sign up Now and fill
your details and enter the
yuurok mail you created
previously.A Confirmation
Email would be sent to the
yuurok mail used to
register…Please it is important
you go through a proxy
because as to get your
confirmation and creation of
your hosting site quickly
without it pending some
A confirmation link would be
included in the email sent to
your yuurok acc. Again copy
the confirmation link and pass
it through a good proxy
site…Login in with your
yuurok mail and password
you used in registering…After
the a successful login
Client Account Contact
click on confirmed address
then click on continue
click on update
click on hosting
click on continue to hosting
click on continue
copy your main domain inside
notepad eg
cheatsvillage .x10 .mx
then click on login to cPanel
a new tab will open cPanel X
click on legacy file manager
another tab will open
click on upload files
Click on browse and upload
the files contain in the Php
server module..That is the
secound document i asked
you to download earlier..First
Upload Testmyserver then
tutorial.php then
php.ini..Please these is very
important after selecting the
files you want to upload click
on upload files and on the
right hand corner you would
see something like
testmyserver upload
succeeded blabla… these
indicates that your upload
was successful…Don’t touch
anything on that page any
more after getting an upload
successful message just close
it and go back to the original
cPanel X Page click on any
other option on the page if it
opens without them logging
you out it means you have
successfully created your
Then your server becomes
domainname .x10 .mx /
tutorial . php for example if
my domain name is my
server becomes trueinternetworld.
Insert it in your iwp and
experience full speed…

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