How to download jar files with opera4.2

I guess its no new news that opera4.2handler and 5.2handler do download mp3 files, mp4 files, themes, pdf, 3gp, avi, smf, etc..
But am sure to you its unusual to download jar files with opera4.2 and 5.2handler..

Well, if your opera isn’t downloading any of the above files (mp3, mp4, 3gp etc), please do kindly inform me using the comment form so that i can post the tutorial based on that, but for now we will be talking on jar files.

First, i believe it will be of great benefit if we could understand what this extentions (mp3, mp4, 3gp, etc) discribes..

mp3- mp3 signifies a quality music file. N.B: This is different from amr

amr- are also music files but are recordings, mp3’s are of more quality..

mp4- most people think mp4’s are same as 3gp but thats not true, the fact that both are videos do not make them thesame.. Have you ever imagined why mp4’s are always higher than 3gp’s when compared to memory? Thats because mp4’s are two files in one (music and video), and the other isn’t..

nth- this are theme files for mobile phones (nokia and others)

zip- this is a zipped file,works basically with symbian (s60) phones

jar- as in java, this are applications for java phones

sis or sisx- this are applications basically for symbian phones

NOTE: all extensions comes after a .(dot) sign i.e music.mp3, or wizkid.mp3, or holla at ur boy.3gp etc..

Now to the main point:

Before the dream of downloading jar files with operamini can be realised, certain tasks needs to be in place.
Download ‘blueftp’ from
Now search for the file you want to download, click on the download link, it displays ‘open’ as the only options(using opera4.2handler).. Do not click on it because thats only going to exit your opera and asks to use web browser.
Still on the ‘open’ option, press #7 , it shows ‘bookmark’, just click into the link, click on option and click ‘mark all’ then ‘copy’.. Now go back and enter, paste the copied link into the box provided and click ok..

Am sure by now your download must have started. After downloading exit your opera. Locate your ‘blueftp’ under your applications, lauch, locate the downloaded file and rename to .jar

Now, get a china phone send the jar file using bluetooth and send it back to your phone.. It now comes in as application, save and Enjoy!

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