How To Get Serial Key for Applications

This tutorial is very vital because one way or the other you will need it. For instance, maybe you have any Application on your phone that is Requesting for Unlock Code or key, you will have to get one to make that Application continue working.

You can only Generate Key for any Application through the use of Keygen, This Keygen comes with some Aplication if you did your research well before downloading them Online.

NOTE: Keygen is also know as KEY GENERATOR, and every software has there own Keygen. I will teach you how to get Keygen for any Application.

How to get Keygen for any application

  • Visit Google and Search for the Keygen by Typing the Name of the App, Version,
    Followed by Keygen. e.g Smartmovie 3.2 Keygen
  • Select the Best Result that describes what you want and Download the Keygen to your PC. Before your hit the download button, read through the comments  (if any). That way, you won’t end up downloading a file that will corrupt your device.
  • Open the Keygen and Enter your Phone IMEI / Serial and Generate.
  • Copy the key into the application on your phone. And that’s it.

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