How To Get Unlimited Free Credit For Sending Messages On MJOY

First, i guess its not everyone reading this post that understand what the concept is, don’t worry am going to let you into it..

Mjoy is a service that allows its members to send free sms(short message service) online..

Have you ever wanted to pass a message across to someone and you dont have sufficient credit to do that, what are you going to do? I would suggest you consider MJOY..

One major disadvantage about this service amongst others is LIMITED FREE CREDIT.. Yes, you can gain more credit through taking their surveys, but whatabout when there’s no more surveys, what would you do? Yes, you can gain more credit by posting status update on the site but how long do you have to keep posting before you will be able to get just one free sms credit? Or you’re tired of the service simply because you’re still having 0.00, are you going to pack up from the service? Come on, please hold on and lets sort this out together..


I’m sure thats the question running through your mind right now, well, dont worry thats where we are driving at..

Log in to your account from their website if you are an existing member or Click Here to create an account..

Note: when creating an account, supply the right details and phone number because a confirmation link will be sent to the phone number supplied

When done with your login.. (here’s the trick) click on the advert banners you see on the site, the more you click on the adverts, the more credit you get for sending free sms.
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