How to make free calls to the uk using web call back

Web call back is a technology where a person can enter a telephone number on a website. The owner of the website then initiates a call to that phone number. Companies use this technique as an alternative to 800 numbers and to provide different telephone service plans for a very low price. In some cases, they offer unlimited calls free of charge when you buy some credit.

WebCall Direct website.

Enter your own landline telephone number and the number you want to call in the UK in the spaces provided. Click on the “Call” button. Pick up your phone when it starts ringing. You will then hear the recipient’s phone ringing. The computer will display messages to say that your phone is ringing and that the correspondent’s phone is ringing. It will also tell you if the other line is picked up or busy and when the call ends. Start talking when your correspondent picks up his phone. This call is free and there is no need to sign up. Free calls made this way can only last a few minutes but are long enough for most purposes. You can make several calls each week. Click on the “New User” button on the right, if you want to make longer calls. Follow the instructions to set up an account. When you buy the minimum amount of credit, about $15 , as of january 2011 , you can make completely free calls to landlines in the UK, as well as the United States and other destinations for 60 days. Your credit is only used if you make calls to chargeable services, like UK cell phones (8 cents a minute). You do not lose your credit at the end of the 60 days; you can use it to make calls for 2 cents a minute or to make calls to UK cell phones, which are still 8 cents a minute. When you buy more credit, you get another 60 free days. CallBack Today Go to the CallBack Today website. You must sign up for a new account and buy some credit before you can start using this service, but you don’t have to be near your computer to use it. Calls from the United States to the UK cost 2.2 cents a minute, as of january 2011. Dial the number CallBack Today has given to you. Let it ring once and hang up. Alternatively, sign in to the CallBack Today website and click on the ” Call Now” button. The CallBack Today call center will then dial your number. Answer it and dial the number you want to call. To call from a different location, sign in to the CallBack Today website and change the designated phone number that the call center calls. Wherever you call from, the call center always calls your designated number.
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