How to watch online videos even with a slow network

It has come to my knowlegde that most people don’t know
how to watch online
videos due to low speed
connection. Some dont even what to try it because they are quite sure it isn’t going to play.

No worries because I’m here to
teach you and one true fact is people
gain a lot
by watching video
tutorials online.

To watch online videos, do go through this steps:

When you get to the site you want to watch a video from e.g, do
on PLAY button and the
video will start streaming.
In few seconds, click on
Pause button.

or go back to
whatever you are doing
and after some few minutes, say 15mins
time, go
back to the video and click
on PLAY button again.
By this time, the video will
play smoothly.

You can continue to
repeat this step until you
watching the online video.

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