How to Watch Online Videos Using A Mobile Phone

Yes, its certainly easy to watch videos stored in your phone especially if your phone accept files like mp4, 3gp, avi and other video enabled files..

But what about watching videos you come across on the internet? I know you might be asking yourself how? I thought only computers and laptops perform this function? Well, am sorry to burst your bubbles but mobile phones too can watch videos on the internet..

I know you might be saying, it sure involues downloading, YES if you’re using the wrong application and NO if you’re using the right application..

Want to know how its done? Please read on..

To attain this goal, you need to have in place some certain things..

1. A mobile browser- to watch videos online, you dont need opera or ucweb, the best application for this function is BOLTBROWSER, Bolt2.31 preferably you can download it from or

2. A mobile data plan- its advicable to subscribe to a mobile data plan from your network provider(MTN, glo, airtel or etisalat)..

If all this are put in place, then you are good to go..

Here’ s How:

Enter into the site you want to watch a video from (not necessarily from youtube, you could just be surfing the net on your phone and dube into a video)

Now, click on play, the boltbrowser tells you that you are trying to watch a video for the first time, just press ok, it takes you to a video wizard setup

Click on play, if the video plays, look below and click yes but if it doesnt, click no the video wizard will bring out another video.. Try playing it again, am sure by now the video’s going to play, click on yes and you are done. Enjoy..

Note: i would advice you subscribe to mobile data plan from etisalat, you know MTN Network could be creeping most times lol..

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