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We all know what yahoo and google are, they are the biggest, most common and widely used search engines on the Internet today. We all use it to send mails, look for information, products and services on the internet, you can actually make money advertising your own product or help other people advertise there product on yahoo and google while you get paid for it. This exposes your product to unlimited number of people that use these search engines. This is one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. There are two ways you can do that using the Ad words and Ad sense. If you have ever searched for anything on the internet using yahoo or google you must have seen ad words and ad sense being used, they are those little adverts you see on the right hand side of the result of what you are searching, they are similar to what you are searching for, you can also see them in some personal sites, they are the ad word and ad sense am telling you about, you make money through them if you know what to do and how to do them. It is very simple to set up: 1. look for products, services, ideas you can sale online; it can be your own product or other people’s product. You can go to www. and click on earn commissions and see the array of products with commissions you can choose from. You can also use and many other sites. 2. Sign up for free as a reseller. 3. Use yahoo and google to advertise the product you got from 1. above to the targeted and unlimited buyers that need the product. 4. Set up a medium from which you can collect your payment online, you can get paid by cheque, or through your normal bank account,  account or collect your money through merchants here in Nigeria. At the end of every month you will be amazed at how much you have been able to make by people just clicking on your advert or even buying your product. It is as simply as that.. For questions,contributions and comments, please use the comment form below:

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