Where To Download Indian Web Proxy(IWP)

I guess its no new news if i get talking about this software(IWP).. Well, for those who hasn’t got an idea am going to talk brief on it..

Indian Web Proxy(IWP) is a tunneling software for P.C(personal computer) just like freedom, pingfu ,jap, G-Pass, jondo etc.. The major difference between IWP and others is the fact that it happens to be the best presently,i mean it surfs and downloads with amazing speed, its not like freedom that disconnects every one(1) hour..

The amazing thing about this software is the fact that you can configure it to surf free with the nigerian networks i.e MTN and AIRTEL. No need for subscription lol..

Wondering where to download this great software from? Just go to http://xchanger.mobi/up222270

Please do have in mind that before this software can work on your P.C, you need to have JAVA RUNTIME installed on your P.C


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