World Bank says corruption isnt nigeria’s problem

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Corruption is not the bane of Nigeria’s development but the lack of determination to move forward, Mr Onno  Ruhl, the World Bank’s Country Director in Nigeria, has said. “Don’t think it (corruption) is Nigeria ’s problem. I think corruption is important but I really don’t think it is the only thing or may be not the decisive thing,” he said. Ruhl was responding to a question at the Forum of the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Thursday, in Abuja , on whether Nigeria was being hindered by corruption compared with developing countries such as Brazil, China, Korea and Malaysia . “The question is: Are we going to keep talking about who gets which job? Or are we going to say how we are going to move this country forward? “If we do the latter, the country is going to move forward because the potential of Nigeria is more in terms of resources, both human and natural,” he said. Ruhl noted that Korea, rose to its present level by sheer determination even though nobody took them seriously after the war, adding: “They don’t blame partners; they just say we want to develop and there they go.” According to him, some states are already showing signs that they can develop with determination. “Some states in Nigeria show clear signs of being able to do that on their own. That is a clear proof that Nigeria does not need to be worse than Brazil or India , ” he said. On role of the bank in Nigeria’s road map on water, Ruhl said the bank was currently assisting Kaduna, Enugu, Osun, Lagos and Cross River states as well as the Federal Capital Territory in managing their water supply. He lauded Cross River which, he said, had successfully partnered the private sector to provide water for its people at affordable rates through communal taps. However, he pointed out that people still found it difficult to pay for water,  preferring to buy sachet water which, he said, was more expensive.

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