Here is the Best Method To Format Your Personal Computer

Formatting a computer‘ for some peeps isn’t a new word, but to some peeps it seems rather confusing. Especially if you are not used to words relating to tech. In simple terms, to format your computer means that all your data stored in the computer will be lost.

Your Computer’s operating system, programs, emails, drivers, pictures, everything! All of the updates and information on your programs will be gone. In fact, formatting your computer simply returns the machine to it’s default state.

easiest way to format a computer

Formatting your computer makes your computer clean and new just like the day you bought it. But be warned! Your computer may have even less than it had when you bought it. And this is because the salesperson may have loaded it with extra software to make the sale. For example, most shops help install an Operating system. When you format a computer you are actually formatting the hard drive. Thus, you shouldn’t even expect an Operating system to be available.

The HARD DRIVE is the main storage component of your computer. It is usually labeled as C drive on your computer.

Reasons Why Formatting Your Computer May Be Needed

  • You have built a computer and you must format the hard drive so you can put an operating system on it.
  • You have replaced your main hard drive and the new one needs to be formatted.
  • Your computer refuses to boot or turn on sometimes.
  • Formatting can wipe a problem away.
  • Your computer has a software problem that is too difficult to fix, OR it has a major virus that you cannot get rid of.

Things or Tools Needed in other to format your computer

  • You will need to backup your computer files : This can be the hardest part of formatting your computer because if you forget something important it could be a disaster. Hence, it is necessary you backup your files to an external hard drive before formatting.
  • You will need to know everything about formatting a computer.

Best Way to Format a Computer

The best way to format a computer would be doing a fresh re-install of any Operating System.

After you have installed your operating system, you must install an antivirus software. Thereafter, you can Install other Necessary Software / Programs. But note that you must Install the Anti-Virus First.

Your can Download a Perfect Anti-Virus. Example would be Avast Free Antivirus, AVG AntiVirus Free, Norton Security Standard, amongst others.

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