How To Easily Flash Your Symbian(S60) Phone

I remember quite a number of times my friends would tell me how much they wished they could flash their s60 phone, and i would just ask them to hand it over to me and zap, its done!!

Wondering how i did it?

Its simple, just typing and holding some few keys..

I wouldn’t advice that you flash your phone after every single mistake, Only flash your phone when necessary..

Flashing your phone means resetting your phone to the default settings, making it look like when you newly bought the phone..

How to do it? Read on, because thats where am heading to…

You might be having problems with your phone and even when you try resetting it from the phone, it still doesn’t solve the problem.. Thats where flashing is needed..

You don’t to go to an engineer to help you solve it…

Here’s how:

turn off your phone, press and hold *, 3, and the green button together and turn on the phone..

Congrats, your phone is now ok..

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  • hi, thanks 4 d help bt it seems dat only s60 does dat wat of s40 nd s20, nd i ave don such b4 nd it work bt all s60 cos 2 much of flashing damage som phones like wat u said dat it only wen neccessary nt at al time, more research may God help u.

  • @sam, thanks and yes this tip is just for s60 (symbian) users because symbian phones are easily compatible<br />@anonymous, please i would suggest u absorb the ideas here and try again because i personally did this before posting it. Goodluck!

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