How To Stop Or Control Facebook Email Notifications

Have you ever a time signed in to your e-mail address you used in creating your facebook account and find out you’ve got lots of mails from facebook as the subject? Are you tired of deleting notifications from facebook and you wished you could minimize or put a stop to it? If Yes, then this article is for you..

Tell me, whats the need for email notifications when you always get them when you are online?

Lots of notifications from facebook could make you bypass important mails you know!

How To Minimize Or Stop Notifications:

Alright, lets talk less and hit the hammer on the nail..
To control your email notifications, simply click on Or if you are a facebook mobile users, follow this steps:

– Log in to your account from
– Scroll down to the end of the homepage, and click on settings
– Then Click on account.
You should be able to then decide for facebook which notification you wish to receive or not receive any notifications at all, since you are the master mind lol

Hope this helps?

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