3 Ways To Activate Airtel SIMS For Internet browsing

Airtel sims are not pre – activated for browsing the internet unlike MTN and etisalat

What this means is that you wil need to activate the sim to make it surf the internet expecially if its a new sim.

Now, there are three (3) steps or ways to activating your airtel sims for browsing :

* customer care
* text message
* Activating online.

* customer care: You can choose to activate your Airtel sims for browsing by simply calling their customer care service on 111 and choosing to talk with one of their agents, who will help you out.

* Text Message: This is another faster way of getting your airtel sim positioned for internet service or browsing. To do this, simply text the kind of service you want to activate space phone name space model and send to 232
for example, text ” internet Nokia N92″ and send to 232 you will send get a response.

* Activating Online: If you ask me i would say this is the fastest way to get your airtel sim positioned for internet services, why? because its done online and the settings will be sent immediately to your phone. To do this, visit dmc.ng.airtel.com
then follow the instructions..

cheers! Your Airtel sim is now positioned for internet services..

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