Etisalat 15mb Users and Their choices

Hi there, i decided to bring up this post to aid etisalat 15mb Users on how to get better value for their free 15mb.
If you are not aware of this offer, etisalat now gives free 15mb to easycliq subscribers who recharge N200 and above and this free mb lasts for 7days,
Please note that your money won’t be deducted which means you can still make your calls, which means more value for your money!

Now to the main subject matter

Using the 15mb, you have two choices, 1. Is enjoy fast speed browsing and exhaust mb faster, or 2. Have a little slow browsing and exhaust lower mb, the choice is yours to decide. Let me break this down:

Number One choice:

With your free 15mb you can get high speed browsing and speed more mb, the good thing about this is, when you click on a page or whatever, before you know it, its opened. This choice is good for those who hate slow browsing and recharge their sim regularly since you get free 15mb each time you recharge..
Here’s the trick: use ip:
use default opera, then change protocol from your settings to socket


Use boltbrowser, goto menu > preference change from http to socket and surf at a higher speed..
I must add that bolt appears to be more faster than opera..

Second choice:

For some reasons you might want to minimize your mb so that its lasts longer thats where the slow browsing come in..
Here’s the trick:
Use thesame ip & port stated on the first choice, then change preference in settings from socket to http, the choice is yours.

For me i prefer faster browsing, my exceptional trick is i off my image to consume lesser mb!

Hope this helps?

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To your online ease
Samuel Adeniyi.

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