Free browsing cheat For 2go On S40 Phone

Note: Please before you proceed, i just want you to know that am not promising you this cheat will work on your phone, yes it worked on my phone but it isn’t so reliable. So please if it doesn’t work on your phone, always check back because i will definately let you know when one comes up!

First Tweak:

Please i only tried this tweak on s40 phone and only with etisalat but feel free to try it on your symbian phone and do let us know if it works or not..

– First, make sure you have no money on your phone
– Select etisalat default settings and activate as default for all application
– Goto your 2go then try connecting..


Second Tweak:

Please only try this tweak if the first doesn’t work

– Have like N3 on your phone
– Goto your 2go and try connecting
– Don’t disconnect till you are through with everything..


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