Full Details and How To Set UP Indian Web Proxy(IWP) For Pc browsing

Indian Web Proxy(IWP) V3.2 is the Latest in the class of Indian Web Proxy(IWP) the ealier version of its kind is IWP V1.0..

Quite alright, there are some differences between the V1.0 and V3.2

Listed below are the Major Difference Between IWP V1.0 & V3.2:

– IWP V3.2 Browser is Faster than V1.0 and it does not disconnect unneccessarily unlike the 1.0
– The Problem or bug of 1.0 has been Fixed therefore bringing about the realisation and Creation of the V3.2 version
– IWP V3.2 those not need a Server hosted like the 1.0 does
– etc


– First, click here to Download IWP V3.2
– After Downloading, Make Sure you have the Latest Version of Java Runtime 1.5 on Your PC

click here to Download Java runtime 1.5
– Open the Downloaded File(IWP) and Unzip it, After Unzipping it, You will See Two Files: IndiaWebProxyv3.2. jar and ca_web-tunnel
– The Ca_Web_Tunnel is a Web Security Certificate, Just Double Click on it and Follow the Onscreen Instruction on How to Install it on your PC.
– Now Open the IndiaWebProxyV3.2.jar and Input the Neccessary Datas into the Space Provided.

Webhost: www.mtnonline.com
Web Port: 8080
Username: (____)
Password: (____)
Proxy URL: (____)
NOTE: You will have to get your Own Username, Then You will have the Username, Password and also Proxy URL to Fill into the Above Empty Spaces.

Proxy Host:
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web


> For Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera etc, Use this IP and Port:
HTTP Proxy:
PORT: 6051

Please NOTE: The Certificate Issue is very much Important. This Certifcate allow you to Open almost all Site. This are the two(2) Certificates: ProxyCertificate.ser and CerAlias.ser (this will be generated automatically) and will be Present in the Same Directory of the IndiaWebProxy.

Follow this Procedure T Insert The CERTIFICATE For Mozilla:

Click on Menu > Option > Encryption > View Certificate > Import. Then Locate the ca_web-tunnel and click on Ok.
Thats it!

Hope this helps?

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