How To copy Texts From a Page Using boltbrowser

Do you know you can actually copy texts from a page and paste on another page using your mobile phone?
It doesn’t necessarily involve you using a computer to copy exact contents from a page, boltbrowser just made that easy for mobile Users..

Want To Know How? Then Read ON.

What this actually entails is that, you can copy actual contents from page ‘D’ and paste it On page ‘E’ word or word and you can simply edit it if you wish. This is best used when asked to copy codes, link etc to a box or other site.

Now, lets hit the hammer on the Nail!

To do this, simply enter the page you wish to copy contents from, place your curson(mouse pointer) on the content you want to copy. Now goto MENU, > Scroll down to Page Tools > Then choose ‘select text’.
You get to find an highlighed space on the page, now use your directional keys i.e the up(^), down, left(<), right(>) keys on your phone to select (highlight) the content you wish to copy, then Press Menu, then copy.

To paste the copied contents, simply place your curson on the box you wish to paste the content, NOW press Menu, scroll down to Paste then OK! Isn’t it simply?

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Hope this helps?

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