How To Get Free 15mb From Etisalat

Yap, i know you might be wondering why i still had to put up a post like this on its late hour when the news is already everywhere but to tell you the truth, according to my research lately i realised that most people still don’t know that something like this exists while some do but don’t know how to go about it, and its with that mind i decided to created this post to aid those who still dont know how to go about it..

The free 15mb from etisalat has been a great help to people who surf the internet round the country.

The reason people tend to patronize this is because it requires no extra cost, as a matter of fact this happens to be the best value to me been that am an internet addict who loves to surf the internet everyday, with this service surfing the internet has been more fun and less spending lol.

You can imagine getting free 15mb for just recharging your account once or twice a week, this is much better than those times when you only get 3mb if you recharge and speed N500 in a month, say the truth, which is better?

How To Get Your Own Mb:

Now to the main thing, getting your free mb today is very much easy that even a child of 12 can do it.

Simply recharge your etisalat line with the sum of N200 and above or recharge your etisalat line with a minimum of N200 a week and bingo! You have automatically got your free 15mb and this last for a week

Please Note: the service is only available to easycliq subscribers and most times, etisalat doesn’t inform you of this, you only get notified of the free night calls for 7day, so inother to confirm this, just dial *228# then call, send or ok..

Hope this helps?

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