How To Get Free 3mb, again and again

Hey there, how was your weekend? Hope splendid? Well, this is the beginning of a new working week, hope you’ve made your set-out plans and goals? well if you havn’t, i would suggest you do that after you’ve read and other stood this post..

as the topic implies, am sure little or nobody knows about this trick because this has been my personal idea till the formation of free 15mb was unveiled.
Do you want to get free 3mb from etisalat that lasts upto one month with only N50 or less for the first time? Then read on:

Like i said, this has been my personal tweak till the formation of 15mb was unveiled, and i don’t want to be selfish thats why am revealing this to you and its still very much active, and i would suggest you do the same by sharing this with your friends on facebook through the share tab on this page..

Now to the Main Deal:

– First, have between N5 & N10 on your etisalat line
– Now use the second step cheat stated HERE
– Dont disconnect till you might have browsed for like 3hours and above
– Try thesame trick the next day
– Watch out when your phone beeps twice for 2 new messages
congrats! You’ve got your free 3mb for one month..

Exit and use your mb wisely.. continue with this tweak and you will never run out of browsing..


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