How To Hide Your Friendslist From been Displayed On Facebook

Yeah, hiding friendslist for some people is irrelevant, but for me i choose to perform this function..
Do you know that the number of friends you have could make an unknown person either send you a friend request on facebook Or simply remove you from their friends list?

Yes, its possible, its depends on what the facebook user is actually looking for.

You can hide your number of facebook friends on mobile or computer, depending on the platform(device) you’re using.

How To Hide Your Friendslist Using Facebook Mobile (mobile phone)

– First, log in on your account,
– From the homepage, scroll down to the end of the page and click settings.
– locate privacy settings(change)
– click on change, when it opens
– locate basic directory information, below it click VIEW SETTINGS
– scroll down to ‘see your friends list and change to Only me or friends only.

P.S: choosing ONLY ME will allow your friends list to be showed only to you urself, while choosing Friends Only will allow only you and your friends to see your friends list.
To change it back, just follow same process and choose everyone.

How To Hide Your FriendsList On Facebook Using computer

– When logged in to your facebook account
– at the top right of the page, click on ‘account’ a pop-down menu shows up
– click privacy settings
– locate ‘connecting on facebook’ and below it click on ‘view settings’
– when it opens, scroll down and locate ‘see your friends list’ then change to the one that best suits you as illustrated in mobile method above.

P.c users can even learn how to hide their online status when chating on facebook, click HERE to learn how.

Hope this helps?

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