How To Hide Your Online Status On Facebook chat

One of my friends once said:
‘Samuel do you know some friends on facebook could be so boring that they could kill the life in you? Even when i dont want to chat with them they keep popping out, gosh! Wish there was a way i could hide my online status from them seeing me’..

Well, the good news is yes you can actually hide your online status from been shown to your friends or to some group of friends

Want to know how?
Then Please On:

at a point in time this tutorial could be very useful so that some boring friends dont keep buzzing you to chat with them and mean while, they’ve got nothing interesting to share.

How To Do This:

When Logged in On facebook, Click on the Chat toolbar at the bottom right of your Facebook page.
Now at the top of the floating chat box, you should see ‘Options’ . Click on it and then choose ‘Go Offline’ in the dropdown menu.

From now on, the Chat toolbar at the bottom right will display ‘Chat (Offline)’ instead.

How To Revise IT:

To come online back, just click on it.

Extra Tip: To go Offline for a particular group or number of friends, put those friends together in a Facebook list and make yourself Offline for them.

Hope this Helps?

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