How To Migrate From Easycliq to Easystarter or From Easystarter To Easycliq on Etisalat

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Today on trueinternetworld, you’re going to learn or discover how to migrate or move from easy starter to easycliq or vise versa

am sure we are all aware of all the benefits etisalat has been offering to their esteemed customers including me lol!
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To me, my best package on etisalat as been the easycliq plan, where i get to enjoy lots of freebies.
Some people tend to prefer the easystarter plan for reasons best know to them.

How To Migrate From Easycliq To Easystarter:

For etisalat easycliq Users who tend to migrate or move to easystarter plan,
simply dial *244*2# then call, send or ok.

Please NOTE that migration will cost N100

How To Migrate From Easystarter To Easycliq

If you are an Easystarter subscribers and you wish or tends to migrate or move to the easycliq plan,
simply dial *244*1#

Please Note that migration cost N100

Hope this helps?

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