How To Position Or Set Up Glo SIM For Internet Settings and browsing

If you may have noticed, GLO SIMS don’t come pre – activated for internet browsing either on phone or computer unlike MTN and etisalat, airtel also isn’t pre – activated for internet services. but in one of my previous post, i outlined and explained 3 ways to activate airtel sims for internet browsing and thats why you may have credit on your phone and still won’t be able to browse.

Please NOTE: sometimes not been able to browse with your sim might not be just internet unactivated, wrong access point settings might also be the problem, so its always advisable you check your settings before requesting a for a new settings unless you just bought the sim newly.

How To activate GLO sim For Internet Services:

The easiest way to activate GLO sim for internet, is to contact customer care on 121 .

To Request For Internet Settings On GLO :

Simply text wap to 927 and the settings will be sent to your phone.

Hope this Helps?

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