How To Tag Friends In Notes On Facebook

Have you got few friends on facebook and wished they could read your note? Or you’re not satisfied with the number of friends that read your note on facebook? Or you just want to make sure a particular friend or group of friends see your note? Then the best option is to Tag those friends on your NOTE so that they get a notification of this and possibly read it..

Taging your friends on facebook is very useful because it helps the message get along to your friends..

When you Tag your friends on your note, they get a notification of this and your note appears on their profile page, isn’t that great?

How To Tag Friends On Notes In Facebook:

First, these can only be done on computers and laptops, but there’s a way i do this with my mobile using boltbrowser.

1. View your notes through your profile on facebook and click on the once you would love to tag.

2. Now, at the left side of the page, click ‘add tags’ , a box displays

3. Type the names of friends you want to tag, and click Okay.

P.S: This cannot be edited, so its advisable you make a list of friends you want to tag before tagging.

Hope this helps?

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