How To Take Snapshots On Your Phone Using application

Howdy, today on trueinternetworld i will be droping a simple but yet useful tutorial on more features based on the mobile world, it might be something you know or something you never knew it works.. trueinternetworld brings to you “how to take snapshots on your phone using application

No doubt, some peeps do believe that this tutorial is based for only symbian phones eventhrough they don’t require using application but hey! Java phones too can do this.

First let me outline the importance of this tutorial or function because am quite sure 80% of peeps reading this wouldn’t want to try it out if they do not understand its importance

Snapshot allows you to take a direct picture of what you are doing if you sole wish, you might be working on a particular page and want to save the view for future reference thats where snapshot comes in handy. Or probably there’s something you want to show to your friends and you know some friends don’t believe in mere talkings but with the help of snapshot they’ve got to believe because it presents it live like a picture..

When taking snapshots, you ve got two choice to choose from i.e you can choose to save snapshots in png type or jpeg type the choice is all yours.

How To Do this(snapshots):

So far for both java and symbian phones the application that supports this function is ‘boltbrowser’, boltbrowser allows you to take snopshot of pages or views and save it as picture file..

To do this, goto your boltbrowser, open it then start surfing, when it gets to the page you want to take a picture of, simply press the call key, it then asks for permission to save just press yes and thats it..


Hope this helps?

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  • i downloaded a bolt browser onto my sonyericsson k610i but it jst load for hours without opening up or installing, please help me.

  • i downloaded the verisigned version, as for where i downloaded it, i jst searched for 'bolt browser' in google search, and proceeded to download from the first link. I did try other links from that same search result but it would still not open up

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