How To Watch Live Tv On Pc

Do you know you can watch live Tv stations on your personal computer? The answer is simply because its YES.

am sure the next question on your mind now is ‘HOW’? Just Read On and you will find out how.

Please NOTE that before this can be actieved, your computer needs to meet up some requirement..

System Requirements
Here are the system Requirement:

Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
1 Ghz processor  
256 Mb or more system memory

IF your system’s got the above requirement congrats.. Now read on:

You can watch live television on your Desktop OR Laptop with the help of Livestation.

Livestation is a platform / software for distributing live television and radio broadcasts over a peer-to-peer data network. It is being developed by Skinkers Ltd. based on peer-to-peer technology acquired from Microsoft Research.
Livestation delivers a range of live radio and television channels to your computer over a broadband network. There is no need to install a tuner, aerial, or any additional hardware.
Livestation works anywhere with a basic broadband network connection.
Just Simply download the free Livestation player and watch television wherever you are, whenever you want.
You can watch television on your desktop, or on your laptop, at home, at work, in a hotel room, or anywhere that pleases you provided you have a broadband internet connection or wireless access.


To start enjoying this feature, you need to download livestation.

click here to download livestation

after downloading, click on window Channels, It Comes with some useful Channels like ALJAZEERA, ESPN, SABC, BBC SPORT, BBC NEWS, C-PAN etc

Hope this helps?

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