Important Tips You Need To Know about the Free 15mb From Etisalat

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No doubt the free 15mb from etisalat has really helped peeps around the country by reducing the cost of surfing the internet on mobile phones, and perhaps it has reduced the number of people subscribing to MTN 10mb package, i think this will create room for more competitions or what do you think?

Tell me, Which would you prefer:

– Recharge your sim and subscribe to a 10mb data package from MTN with N100 and expires in 24hours OR
– Simply Recharge with N200 and above and automatically receive free 15mb data space with no extra cost from etisalat which expires in 7days?

Your answer is as true as mine! Eventhrough i browse free on my MTN line i still patronize this free 15mb from etisalat because i use it when MTN is having some network problems or their server is slow..

Now, there are some things you ‘might’ not know about this great value from etisalat and thats what i want to really point out here:

> Some people including me(before) used to believe that before one can get this free 15mb he/she needs to recharge a minimum of N200, but No! It isn’t a must, you can get the free 15mb provided you recharge N200 in a week i.e you can recharge N100 on monday and recharge another N100 on tuesday and still get the free 15mb isn’t that awesome?

> Some peeps still do believe that when you’ve got the free mb for a week, you need to wait till its expired before you get another one when you recharge but No pal. It isn’t so. You get free 15mb every week not every 7days i.e if you get your 15mb on Thursday you can get another one on monday if you recharge another N200
Please NOTE: based on my research sofar, you have to exhaust the previous mb before getting another one.

So, if you are the type that recharges every week i would suggest you read this article:

etisalat free 15mb Users and their choices

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Hope this helps?

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